Try-Before-You-Buy Demo Program

Hoe He’e Nalu Boardriders was one of the first companies in Hawaii to provide customers with a Try-Before-You-Buy Demo program because we understand from personal experience that our customers will not know how a board will perform until they get on it, paddle it, and surf it.

To demo a board just call us to make an appointment to rent a SUP.   If you require assistance in selecting a SUP that will fit your skill level, stop by our showroom for a free consultation.

You can demo a SUP for only $25 a day.  If you decide to buy a SUP, we will deduct the cost of the rental from the cost of a brand new SUP.

We have one of the largest selections of SUPs in Hawaii and we guarantee we will have a board that fits your skill level.

Call us today (808.497.2076) if you have any questions or want to make an appointment to test ride one of our SUPs.

Free Try-Before-You-Buy Demo Events

We also provide “free ride” events where customers can try a SUP for free.  Our Try-Before-You-Buy Demo events are held on every island several times a year.  Customers will be required to pre-register and all participants will have the opportunity to demo our SUPs at no cost.

Check back here for event dates.


Have any questions?

Buying a new board is a big deal and that’s why we want to assist with your decision.  We want to make sure you’re 100% happy with your new SUP, so please contact with any questions you might have.  What’s the right board volume for my weight?  How long should my board be?  What’s more stylish – blue or rasta?  We’ve heard it all and we want to help!

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