Island Classic Bamboo Cruiser Lineup

Island Classic Bamboo SUP

As one of the first paddle surf companies to manufacture a bamboo SUP, we knew early on that bamboo veneer would add an element of both strength and beauty to our paddleboards.

However, not all paddle surfboards that appear to have bamboo veneer are actually constructed with bamboo since some manufacturers actually use paper with printed bamboo textures to make “bamboo” SUPs.

Premium grade bamboo wood panels are used to make our bamboo SUPs ultra-lightweight, strong and authentic.

All of our Island Classic Bamboo SUPs come equipped with a 5-fin system.  Therefore, our paddle surfboards can accommodate up to four side fins and a 9-inch center fin, while most SUPs can only accommodate two side fins and a center fin.

The genuine 3M deckpads we use are considered the best on the market by far and are non-skid, stain resistant, and very soft under your soles and toes.

Every Island Classic Bamboo SUP also comes with a Goretex vent as well as a FCS carry handle.

*Our Complete Package includes the following items:

  1. Island Classic Bamboo Cruiser
  2. Heavy-Duty Protective Board Bag
  3. Fins (5-fin setup)
  4. 10-ft Leash
  5. 100% Carbon Fiber Paddle.  Unlike heavy metal aluminum paddles, carbon fiber paddles are ultra-lightweight and will not sink if you drop them in the water. Carbon fiber paddles are the best SUP paddles, period. There is no substitute.

Constructed with bamboo, fiberglass and epoxy, our SUP is one of the lightest and most durable bamboo SUPs in the industry.


Hoe He’e Nalu Boardriders has confidence in the construction of its paddle surfboards and offers a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY on all SUPs.  SUPs from Hoe He’e Nalu Boradriders will not delaminate. No other paddle surf company that we know of offers a better warranty.

Island Classic Bamboo SUP

Board Dimensions



  • Bamboo-Fiberglass-Epoxy Construction
  • 4 + 1 Future Fin System

Complete Package* –  $1199
Price includes free shipping to the continental U.S.

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Buying a new board is a big deal and that’s why we want to assist with your decision.  We want to make sure you’re 100% happy with your new SUP, so please contact with any questions you might have.  What’s the right board volume for my weight?  How long should my board be?  What’s more stylish – blue or rasta?  We’ve heard it all and we want to help!

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