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10’4 Makaha Easy Rider

The 10’4 Makaha Easy Rider is a mid-sized SUP that provides excellent paddling performance. It glides smoothly over flat water and can power through choppy ocean conditions when needed. If you are looking for a SUP strictly for paddling, the Makaha Easy Rider is perfect for recreational paddling, working out, or weekend SUP racing events.

The paddle power of the Easy Rider also makes it easy for surfers to paddle into a wave without much effort, making the Easy Rider a pleasure to surf in small to mid-size waves.  The Easy Rider is also easy to handle in waves.  It turns with out much effort and has ample acceleration to make it through each section of a wave.

Overall, the Easy Rider is an excellent Hawaiian all-around paddle and surf SUP and will excel in all types of conditions.

Design: The bottom contour design includes a double concave with a slight “V” off the tail.
Fin System: Future Fins (4 Sides + 1 Center)
Paddle Surfers can choose between a Quad (4-fin setup) or a Thruster (2+1 fin setup).

Stability: At 33 inches wide this SUP provides maximum stability for all levels. The top deck is extra flat to provide greater traction and balance.

Recommended Rider Weights:
Surfing – 350 lbs. or lighter
Paddling – 250 lbs. or lighter

*Our Complete Package includes the following items:

  • 10’4 Easy Rider SUP
  • Heavy-Duty Protective Board Bag
  • Fins (5-fin setup)
  • 10-ft Leash
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Paddle. Unlike heavy metal aluminum paddles, carbon fiber paddles are ultra-lightweight and will not sink if you drop them in the water. Carbon fiber paddles are the best SUP paddles, period. There is no substitute.

Try-Before-You-Buy Demo Program:
The best way to determine if a SUP is a perfect fit for you is to try the SUP out before buying it. Hoe He’e Nalu Boardriders was the first company in Hawaii to initiate a Try-Before-You-Buy program that gave our customers an opportunity to “demo” a SUP before buying one.

To demo a board just call us to make an appointment to rent a SUP. If you require assistance in selecting a SUP that will fit your skill level, stop by our showroom for a free consultation.

Hoe He’e Nalu Boardriders has confidence in the construction of its paddle surfboards and offers a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY on all SUPs. SUPs from Hoe He’e Nalu Boradriders will not delaminate. No other paddle surf company that we know of offers a better warranty.

Board Dimensions



  • Glides smoothly and effortlessly over flat water.
  • Perfect for recreational paddling, working out or competitive weekend racing events
  • Paddles easily in to waves.
  • One of the best mid-sized surf SUPs on the market.
  • Maximum stability for all skill levels
  • Bamboo-Fiberglass-Epoxy Construction
  • 4 + 1 Future Fin System

We are always updating our board colors. Call us or email us for the newest available colors and current specials.

Complete Package* –  $1295
Price includes free shipping to the continental U.S.

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