To create the lightest and strongest SUP paddles possible, our Irie and Aloha Aina SUP paddles are made of 100% carbon fiber weave to create one of the strongest and lightest paddles available.

Our paddles are also “wet sanded” by hand to produce a beautiful matt-finished handle and blade. The smooth, matte finish shaft provides a comfortable grip that will prevent blistering during extend paddle sessions. And just as important, our matte finish shafts and blades also weight less than the regular carbon fiber paddle shafts and blades.

Veteran Hawaiian paddlers and surfers appreciate our ultra-lightweight paddles when they are out on the water for many hours and they are confident our paddles will not break in critical conditions.

Our paddle designs and construction are often copied but never duplicated!

The Irie and Aloha Aina carbon fiber paddles are also available in an adjustable model.



Dimensions & Specs:

Blade Width: 7.5”
Blade Length: 18.5”
Shaft Diameter: 28mm
Weight: 19 oz. (Uncut w/handle)


  • Matte Finish
  • Comfortable grip
  • Ultra-lightweight and Strong
  • Shaft will handle any power stroke without snapping
  • Lighter than regular carbon paddles

Price:  $299.00
Price includes free shipping to the continental U.S.

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